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Jaarbeurs is firmly rooted in society. Ever since our founding in 1916, our essence has been to connect people, markets, and companies through meaningful meetings and events in the most ideal location, right in the heart of the Netherlands.

Who we are and what we do

We organise and host events in the most attractive environments. Live, but also online. Bringing people together is perhaps even more important than ever. Especially in these times of quick meet-ups and fleeting contacts, it is becoming increasingly relevant to organise substantial meetings and gatherings to enable people to inspire each other, do business and be entertained. This is how we create valuable experiences and accelerate business opportunities.

Our organisation

In 2019, Jaarbeurs had an average of 319 employees on full-time contracts, 207 of whom were based outside the Netherlands. With our knowledge of specific industries, we are a value-adding consultation partner and adviser. Our expertise extends to the core markets of construction & installation, manufacturing, logistics, IT and media, healthcare and education, travel and leisure. In 2019, our Brands & Content business unit’s focus was on B2B and B2C markets with high-profile brands such as the Bouwbeurs and the Vakantiebeurs, as well as with platforms including Computable, and The Venue & Service business unit is the driving force behind our hospitality operations and the rental of the Event & Exhibition Centre and meeting and congress facilities for the events and conferences of Jaarbeurs’ customers. But we could not do it without our extensive national and international network, and neither without our suppliers and partners. In December 2019, we announced a new commercial set-up.   

Jaarbeurs International

Through the International business unit, we organise trade and consumer events outside the Netherlands, focused on the Agriculture & Food, Construction, and Lifestyle segments. This includes the VIV trade show for innovative livestock farming that we organise in China, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the Netherlands once every four years. Jaarbeurs furthermore has a 70% stake in Shanghai-based VNU Exhibitions Asia, while the founders own the remaining 30%. VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, which is based in Bangkok, is a smaller organisation in terms of size and revenue in which Jaarbeurs holds a 49.99% stake. The other 50.01% of the shares are held by TCC Exhibition and Convention Center Co., Ltd. Jaarbeurs’ international head office is located in Utrecht.

Jaarbeurs unveils a new look

In 2019, Jaarbeurs revamped its corporate branding to put an even greater emphasis on the role we, as a unified Jaarbeurs organisation, play in connecting people, brands and markets. The core idea is that meetings attract attention, engage people and accelerate business, which is the ambition we have sought reflect in our new tagline: Attract - Engage - Accelerate.

Specific elements in our new branding manifest our ties to the city of Utrecht and surrounding region, such as the powerful red colour and unique touch we have added to the letters ‘J’ (for Jaarbeurs) and ‘U’ (for Utrecht) in the Jaarbeurs word mark.