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‘A+ Experience’

We believe that there has to be a place where people can truly meet and grow. As Jaarbeurs, we offer a place that accelerates growth for individuals, organisations and markets in a sustainable, safe and smart way. Both live as well as online. In the heart of the country, in the heart of the city. It is our ambition to deliver the best customer experience to our business partners and our visitors: that is what we strive for every day.

In 2020 we evaluated our strategic course because of the COVID-19 pandemic and confidently decided to maintain it. 

Our mission and vision

‘Jaarbeurs organises and hosts attractive live events and online platforms all year round, creating valuable experiences and driving business opportunities’

‘We harness the power of over 100 years’ experience, our unique location, our passionate staff, and our strong brands to host meetings in the best possible place, online and offline, day after day’ 

When we reopen we will let our brand values shine through in our customer experience:

  • We are hospitable: We want our visitors and customers to have a warm and personal experience online, but especially in person.

  • We are fair. We aim for sustainable relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and the world around us.

  • We are smart. We are sharp, innovative, and solution-oriented. We always find a practical way to make things possible.

Three strategic themes

When it comes to realising our objectives, we at Jaarbeurs draw a comparison to elite sports. Successful teams take great care in organising they way they play and focus on their goal-scoring capability. Their chances of winning are increased by scoring more goals and discovering new ways to play the game. This is exactly what we are doing with our redefined strategy, which is made up of three themes through which we want to fulfil our ambitions. These themes are linked to eleven pillars. 

  • Better organisation will enable us to operate more effectively and be more customer focused. That is why we have redesigned our organisational structure, with the events process as the starting point. We are proactive in our approach, pay attention to customer needs, and make contact easier. For our own brands, we bring all the required knowledge and skills together in multidisciplinary teams that organise everything in an integrated fashion.

  • We also want to earn the highest marks by getting staffing levels right and increasing customer value. We increase customer loyalty and forge long-term relationships. Effective planning with attractive events will bring more visitors to Jaarbeurs.

  • And finally, we want to renew the game. We enter new markets, offer high-value services to customers, and organise more comprehensive events. We extend our range of locations with additional platforms, online and offline.

Restructuring of Jaarbeurs

In 2020, we rolled out our new organisational structure under the title ‘FutureProof’, following on from the new commercial structure announced at the end of 2019 and from the reorganisation that was necessitated by COVID-19. A number of interrelated developments led to a reassessment of the plans: the corona crisis, the need to work more efficiently, the implementation of our new IT system, and the desire to bring more value to our customers.

Our new structure enables us to work smarter, develop tailored concepts, attract as many visitors as possible, and provide new digital services. There is a greater focus on the renewal and development of our own exhibition titles and events. This ensures that we will stay relevant, and futureproof. Wherever we spot opportunities, we add new titles.

Thanks to our new customer portal, we can offer our products and services in more clearly laid-out customer packages, thus enabling customers and exhibitors to get the most out of their participation. For us, the new structure will lead to greater efficiency and even higher standards of operational excellence.