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Jaarbeurs is in good shape. With our plans for the new Jaarbeurs, we have returned to a clear forward-looking mindset. We have redefined our strategy for the 2019-2021 period.

The strategy

Our mission and vision

'Jaarbeurs organises and hosts attractive live events and online platforms all year round, creating valuable experiences and driving business opportunities.'

'We harness the power of over 100 years’ experience, our unique location, our passionate staff, and our strong brands to host meetings in the best possible place, online and offline, day after day'

The ‘house in order’ strategy we launched in 2016 saw us improve our organisation and return our finances to good health over the past few years. Over this period, we focused heavily on improving our business, operations and financial discipline. With our new strategy, the focus shifts to revenue growth from a solid position of financial discipline and to technological innovation and sustainability. In pursuing these new targets, we will gradually transform into a data-driven organisation and strike up strategic alliances with strong partners, such as Samsung Global last year. We are preparing for the creation of the new Jaarbeurs and have the ambition to be a sustainability leader in this industry. 

Three strategic themes

When it comes to realising our objectives, we at Jaarbeurs draw a comparison to elite sports. Successful teams take great care in organising they way they play and focus on their goal-scoring capability. Their chances of winning are increased by scoring more goals and discovering new ways to play the game. This is exactly what we are doing with our redefined strategy, which is made up of three themes through which we want to fulfil our ambitions. These themes are linked to eleven pillars. 

Better organisation will enable us to operate more effectively and be more customer-driven. This is why are restructuring our commercial set-up. We are proactive and assume the customer’s perspective. Short lines of communication with a single point of contact make it easier to connect with people. For our own brands, we bring all the required knowledge and skills together in multidisciplinary teams that take care of organising everything. Associated pillars: increase customer appreciation, optimise planning and pricing and implement a new organisational model.

We also want to score more by getting staffing levels right and elevating customer value. We increase customer loyalty and forge long-term relationships. Effective planning with attractive events will bring more visitors to Jaarbeurs. The supporting pillars are to land more third-party events, make our hospitality operations more profitable, increase the number of conferences and meetings and expand our branding for international customers. We focus on successful brands, grow revenue from our current events and we procure or develop new events.

And finally, we want to innovate the game. We enter new markets, offer high-value services to customers and organise more comprehensive events. We work on technological innovation and put ourselves on the sustainability map. The associated pillar is to develop new (digital) business. 

Data-driven organisation

We want to develop Jaarbeurs into a data-driven organisation. In 2019, we sealed a long-term partnership deal with Samsung Global to accelerate this transformation. Visitors to the Jaarbeurs trade show, event and conference centre now get customer-oriented content on artificial intelligence-powered digital Samsung screens. Twenty high-definition screens present a wealth of information on current and upcoming trade shows, conferences and events. Employing multiple sensors in different cabins, the screens also provide indoor navigation guidance, indoor positioning, and algorithm-based intelligent signage capabilities. This deal marks the first important step for Jaarbeurs in adding experience value to live events and creating value for visitors and customers.

Corporate sustainability

Sustainability is set to become a spearhead for Jaarbeurs. The ambition is to be a sustainability leader and set ourselves apart from the competition in the Netherlands in this area. Jaarbeurs is committed to doing its bit for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and comply with the standards from the Paris Climate Agreement. With the opening of the new Jaarbeurs, we aim to be Europe’s most sustainable and smartest venue by 2026. 

New commercial set-up

Along with the appointment of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Peter van der Veer, we announced the new commercial set-up that is to be implemented for the Brands & Content (events we organise ourselves) and Venue & Service (rental, hospitality) business units from 1 March 2020. The new set-up will enable us to operate as a unified company more than every before, which means we can be more effective, more proactive and more enterprising. It will allow us to better align and coordinate collaborations between both business units, so as to optimise staffing levels, schedule events more effectively and serve our entire portfolio of customers.