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How Jaarbeurs creates value

Jaarbeurs organises and hosts hundreds of exhibitions and events for millions of visitors each year. In so doing, we are contributing to the economic, professional, and personal development of companies, organisations, sectors, and people.

SDGs as our guiding principles

As one of the largest event venues in the Netherlands, we have a pioneering role to play in the fields of sustainability and social responsibility. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also serve as guiding principles for us. Especially in the area of climate, Jaarbeurs can do a lot to help by reducing the carbon footprint of exhibitions, meetings, and events.


Our sustainability goals go hand in hand with our digitalisation strategy. One example is how we can save on print exhibition floor plans once our app can use our unique indoor navigation system to guide visitors and exhibitors to each other. We want to become not just Europe’s most sustainable exhibition and event location, but one of its smartest.

Value-creation model

We report here on the ways in which we are creating value for society. Our value-creation model provides insights into the social, economic and environmental capital we use, how we generate value from this, and what that then delivers to society. To highlight our positive impact on society, we have captured our value-creation model in a diagram. This shows what resources (input) we need for our business model, and what value that then delivers to our stakeholders.

Click the link for a large version of Jaarbeurs' value creation model